Yelena Buck connects art and functionality, creating handmade intimate pieces. Comfortable loungewear to handcrafted lingerie is explored, drawing inspiration from nature and the stillness of experience. Contrasts are explored through earthy tones and rich colours, delicate textures and soft lines that wrap around the body, leaving behind a flattering seamless trail.

Favourable ethical and sustainable fabrics are used; organic cotton, bamboo and ethically sourced fabrics, most of which coming from independant and small businesses.

Even our lables are 100% organic cotton!

Comfort is a top priority. Like everything, comfort is not fixed. During the day, you may feel most comfortable wearing a wired padded bra. In the evening you may feel most comfortable in a non padded, non wired jersey bra. Comfort is subjective and circumstantial.

We make a variety of items that can be layered or worn however you feel most comfortable, making you feel confident in any situation.

We are always striving to develop more sophisticated ways to develop and finish shapes and fit for a more comfortable garment.

Yelena has degree in the world renowned Contour Fashion course at De Montfort University, and valuable industry experience. The brand is single handedly run by Yelena, from designing, fitting, and hand making each piece, to all the work behind the scenes.