Shop Closing

I’m afraid to say the most part of the shop will be closing in two weeks. I have decided to stop taking made to order and bespoke orders at this time due to my health and my living situation. It is becoming increasingly harder to fulfil customers orders and is not practical, sustainable or affordable.

My hope is to re-open the shop at some time when i’m in a better position, but this could be 3, 6 months or maybe it won’t happen.

So please do take this as your last chance to order.

I will be closing the shop on the 12th of August.

This, however doesn’t mean I am stopping all things, just re-adjusting to my life style and health needs. I am currently working on a new and exciting project. I can’t say anything about it yet, but if you want to know more about this near to release, sign up to the newsletter.

Thanks for supporting me!

Yelena x